About Us


HIRVI Transport Kft

As an experienced leader, you certainly know that your business needs quality service and security when it comes to the transportation of your cargo. As an experienced problem-solver this is exactly the kind of service we offer!


‘Hirvi’ means moose in Finnish, indicating that Scandinavian transports, specifically Finnish ones are our business’ speciality. Of course, we can plan and execute a transport job for you to anywhere in Europe.

The moose can be found from Scandinavia, throughout Asia to Northern-America, also almost in all of Canada, and Alaska, where it prefers the swampy forests, especially the moors along seasides.  The moose is a great and persistent swimmer. It wanders a lot, and for great distances, some specimens even to Eastern and Middle-Europe. For today the moose has repopulated most of Poland as well. Closest to Hungary, specimens can be found in the Northern parts of Slovakia and Austria. The moose is the largest of all deer species today. Its body length is 240-310 centimeters, with a tail-length of 5-12 centimeters. A female can weight 200-490 kilograms, and a male can even be 380-700 kilograms with the height of 1.4 - 2.1 meters. The largest known specimen was 2.33 meters tall and 820 kilograms. Females don’t have horns, however it’s the characteristic for what bulls are known for. The horn can grow as much as 7 centimeters in a single week. The horns divide near to the base and sometimes can have more than 40 branches, a moose's horn span can reach 2 meters. The largest we found was 2.1 meters wide and 36 kilograms.


Apart from our own fleet we have a number of carefully-chosen subcontractors, with whom we work together regularly. This way we can plan and execute a transport of any kind and size.

Our vehicles are equipped with MAN TeleMatics tracking system, if needed, we can grant access of location data to our clients, this way they can follow the route of their cargo.

Naturally, we have a valid EU-license and CMR insurance. All our vehicles have the necessary cargo securing equipment on board.


  • Our customers’ satisfaction is the most important for us

  • You can rely on us. We keep our promises

  • We know that you need quick answers. We do everything to deliver them to you

  • After careful consideration we always find the best solution for a problem, and can always offer alternative solutions

  • For you as a client always your own problem is the most urgent and important. This is why we are always here to help. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • We take your criticism as an idea for a change, for which we are grateful and always act on quickly

  • All our clients are equally important to us. Regardless of the size of their company and the number of jobs we’ve done together in the past. We know that we can only keep happy clients for the long term, therefore, we work hard to keep all our clients happy


As a company working in international transportation we do everything in our power to protect the environment.

  • Our modern vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies. Our Euro-6 tractor, for example, emits less carbon-dioxide than what already is in the air. The vehicle’s ad-blue system neutralizes the toxic components in the waste gas
  • Our drivers regularly take part in driving-technique trainings, to further reduce waste-gas emission
  • In transport planning we always choose the shortest possible routes and make sure that our vehicles travel the least possible distance without cargo
  • We use our tires till the full extent of their legally allowed life-cycle, after which we make sure that they’re properly recycled
  • As an eco-friendly company, we only use recycled paper in our office