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8,77 million
83 878 km2
euro (EUR)
Time Zone:
UTC+1 (Summer time: UTC +2)
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On the high alpine regions, Austria's economy is reliant on forestry and tourism, while in the lower parts the iron and paper industry is determinative. As in mineral resources, Austria has one of the world's largest tungsten and magnesite mines. In the Vienna basin, they have Europe's deepest natural gas plant, and in lower Austria the biggest petroleum plant. At 1978, just before the handover of the new nuclear power station, the parliament has forbidden the use of nuclear energy. Hydro plants produce more than half of Austria's energy usage. Significant parts of their manufacturing are the steel industry in Linz, mechanical and vehicle engineering in Steyr, textile, clothing, food and beer industry. Austria has been part of the EU since 1995.

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